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Sawsee services

With long-term experience in the construction industry, we can help you on your building journey. Our current project Little More House is available to hire as a photoshoot location and later this year we hope to launch a series of design concepts to make considered design more accessible for Australian families.




Are you searching for a builder to build your new home?

Matt has been operating his construction company, Loreco Constructions, for over a decade, where we have built our own homes plus numerous homes for our clients. Loreco has established a reputation of delivering high quality homes and building trusting relationships with clients which often leads to building with the same clients across multiple homes. The team love homes that have sustainability at the forefront of design, utilise timber and have design flair. Matt enjoys helping clients making more sustainable choices in their homes and can provide invaluable insight throughout the design and building process.

Loreco specialises in unique, quality and highly detailed projects across the Mornington Peninsula. Matt is particularly passionate about working with clients who are seeking to build a more considered sustainable home, his skillset shines during the design phase consultancy to help you achieve the best outcome for your home. He aims to contribute to a more positive way of living through the buildings we inhabit and will work closely with you to achieve. 

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Design phase building consultancy

We recommend engaging with a builder during the design phase to assist in managing the final cost of your home, timeline management, implementing energy efficient solutions and value management.


There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the design process and then having your builder advise issues or alternative options which then leads to circling back to your designer and ultimately costing you time and money. Engaging Matt during the design phase can assist in reducing delays and ensuring you achieve a better outcome.


What does this look like?

Initial 2-hour meeting

Catch ups at various stages throughout the design process

Assistance in relation to timelines for engaging outside contractors required during the documentation and planning phase.

Basically, Matt will be there to guide you throughout this process and be able to answer queries as they arise all while aiming to be as productive as possible to ensure your timeline doesn’t blow out.

Email us to discuss your individual needs



Coming soon

We are currently working on concept designs of modest sized homes, with a considered design including material selections to make building a well-designed home more accessible and less daunting for families.

If you would like to join the Sawsee Club to be the first to hear updates on our concepts, please sign up here.

Content creation

With a long-term career in Marketing & Pr Jeni can create content for you in the spaces of Little More House. With a variety of unique materials used throughout the home content can be shot in different rooms to provide variety of imagery/video to be utilised across your platforms.


Pricing dependant on your requirements, please email Jeni at to discuss your needs.



Filming & Photoshoot location hire

Little More House is available for any upcoming photoshoot or filming you have. The perfect space for lifestyle brands to bring their products to life.


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