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Cypress House

An 8 star house that focuses on sustainability, energy and water efficiency, luxury and style. Constructed with carefully selected materials to reduce the environmental footprint of the home. Prefabricated materials, locally salvaged timbers and recycled materials are used to reduce the carbon footprint, waste and onsite impacts. The house is designed to be highly efficient and requires minimal artificial heating and cooling. This is achieved with passive design principles, tightly sealed envelope, high levels of insulation, carefully considered thermal mass, and highly efficient fixtures and appliance. Electricity will be generated via a 12kw solar system. Water harvesting, grey water system and red valves all help limit the water usage. 

Featured on EST LivingThe Design FilesThe Local ProjectDwellFiction ArchitectFine ArchitectureHouse & Design MagazineAustralian Architects Club. As well as in print - Enki Magazine SEPT 22 edition and Cubes Magazine issue #103.

Builder: Loreco Constructions    Designed by: Insider Outsider   

Landscapes: Katie Westle    Photography: Willem-dirk du Toit

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